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CrossStitch XPress

In this page we will show you the best Software available for Machine Embroidery:


CrossStitch XPress

This program is so fast and easy-to-use that there is no stopping your next cross stitching project. You don't need to learn a lot of technical details. With a few clicks of the mouse you're finish the cross stitch pattern and it's ready to sew.

CrossStitch XPress exceeds all cross stitching speed limits

This software was built for people who want to quickly sew their cross stitching designs, without the need to learn and remember complex software technology.

With Cross Stitch XPress you simply need to:

Automatically convert your image
Manually edit for touch ups
Select the thread palette
Plug in your machine
Sew, Sew, Sew


Cross Stitch XPress can easily create cross stitched embroidery designs starting from a source bitmap or vector image. It supports most of the well-known image file formats as an input. Cross Stitch XPress can pre-process images automatically, edit them manually, select background color, thread palette and define property settings. Moreover, you can control image properties plus cross-stitched design parameters through a standardized user-friendly environment.

Cross Stitch XPress gives you the tools to transform the source image, perform color manipulation and preview the target cross-stitched design before saving to a number of standardized home embroidery file formats.

System requirements

Pentium 200 MHz PC computer (or higher).

Monitor with 1024x768 video resolution with 16-bit color display (or higher)

64 megabyte of RAM

Microsoft Windows® 95b/98/2000/NT/XP operating system

Minimum 100 megabytes hard disk drive space available



Download your FREE 14-day trial of CrossStitch XPress. (Download size: 12 MB aprox).

BONUS PACK! Clip art included in the zip file!


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