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In this page we will show you the best Software available for Machine Embroidery:

Catalog Xpress version 2.0

Catalog Xpress


Catalog Xpress 2.0 can: Download, Organize, Colorize, Convert, Re-size, Sort & View your embroidery designs.

Looking for an elusive embroidery design, one you know is in your collection, but you can't find, or even remember its name? Catalog Xpress may be just the program you need. Use Catalog Xpress categories, or create your own, then drag and drop embroidery designs into them as you download, or use our new “Direct Download” feature to download directly from the Internet into your choice of Catalog Xpress folders. You will never misplace a design again. What could be faster or easier?

Catalog Xpress 2.0
Supported Embroidery Formats

Brother (PES, PES version 5.0 and 6.0)
Singer (XXX)
Janome/New Home 10000 (JEF)
Janome (SEW)
Viking (HUS, VIP)
Viking D1 (SHV)
Pulse stitch file (PSF)
Pulse embroidery file (PXF) (Read Only)
Tajima (DST)
Elna Xpressive (EMD)
Melco file (EXP)
Pfaff File (PCS, PCM)
Poem (CSD)

NOTE: Color files (*.COL) need to be present in the same directory as the *.EMD file for proper colors.

New Features in Catalog Xpress 2.0
- Re-size designs to fit your hoop or by percentage
- Convert multiple designs in one click with Batch Conversion, including “Rotate To Fit Hoop” feature
- Right-click in Internet Explorer to download one or more designs from the Internet directly into the Catalog Xpress folder of your choice
- Color editor lets you personalize designs to your own thread collection
- Automatic unzip of zip files
- Choose with which program you want to open a design from Catalog Xpress
- Up-to-date thread charts
- Counter next to a category that tells you how many designs are in that category
- Choose where you store your unzipped files
- Expanded file support
- Print your designs in 3D using the print catalog
- Change background color for 3D view window
- Drag and drop a category and all its designs to be subcategory of another category
- Remember user settings when exiting software
- Restore designs to catalog from the Recycle Bin

Note: Installation of Catalog Xpress 2.0 will not uninstall your Catalog Xpress 1.x. You will be able to import your design catalog from Catalog Xpress 1.x to Catalog Xpress 2.0.

Get a free 30-day trial !! (20 Mb aprox.)

Full version: $169.99 (Internet Download Version)



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