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Embroidery Techniques for Caps:

It must have happened to you at least once that the matrix that works perfectly right to embroider on a shirt, it doesn't work when you want to embroider the same design on a cap.

You should wonder how it is possible when today there are very advanced software and high technology. The punching and embroidering seem to be a great mystery.

We will try to help you out to improve the results.

Movements of the frame:

When you embroider caps using a frame there are several factors to take on account. Example #1 shows a front sample of a fabric held in a flat drum, ready to be embroidered. In this case the needle punch the fabric in a 90 degree angle. The frame makes a straight and precise movement and the next stitch penetrates the fabric on a 90 degree angle again, that is simply because the drum is flat and the tension on the fabric is uniform.

Example #2 shows a front sample of a cap held on a cap frame. Comparing the two examples, it is easy to see how the movement of the frame in case number one is much simpler. In both cases the movements are straight and uniform. In the case of the cap frame we have a revolving movement on x- axis and a straight movement in y-axis, that is why there is always a small disproportion.



Example 1

Example 2

Held the cap in the frame

Another problem with the cap embroidery is that the cap is held with clamps in the frame and it doesn't get the same firmness that the ones on a flat frame, it doesn't reach the same uniform tension.( see ex. 3)

The trick to obtain great results on the final embroidery, is to hold the cap in a way that remains flat and firmly hooked within the frame.

Picture of a cap held within a cap frame


Example 3

Special frames

There are some specialized companies that offer flat frames made to hold caps. This is a very good alternative since the results in the embroidering, in several cases, are superior in comparison with the results done in regular cap frames. ( see example 4).


Example 4

Punching for caps

In order to know a little more about this subject, we should start with the punching. The punching should be made in a way to be able to compensate the obstacles. Due to the curved form of the caps and the problem of sliding that can happen during the embroidering, it is very important to punch each area individually.

Lets take as an example letters made with fill type stitches that have an edge around and a shade on the back. It is better to make each letter individually. If you don't make the letters individually, there will be a problem with the coincidence between the diverse parts. (It sees ej. 5).

It must be clear that the punching of the design done in this way increases the changes of needle/colors and the thread cuts. The final result and the quality of the embroidery justifies this sacrifice. Usually designs must be punch avoiding too many changes of needle and thread cuts, with a rationalizing vision. But this is different for the punch in caps.

Example 5

1) (H) Grey shadow

2) (H) Orange fill

3) (H) Brown edge

4) (A)Grey shadow

5) (A)Orange fill

6) (A)Brown edge

Example #6 shows a typical problem on the embroidery, there are a few parts in the design that donґt match.

We recommend to do cord type stitches for the sides of the bus.
We generally donґt recommend to use thin stitches for the side areas of large designs that will be embroidered in cap frames.

example 6

Another very important general rule is the direction of the embroidery. You should start the punch on the center of the cap to the right side. Once it is ready, you should continue from the center to the left until the design is finish.

In this way, it is possible to diminish the poblem of the waves on the fabric of the cap and reduce the unmatching parts. ( See ex. #7).

example 7

Support stitches

In caps armed on 6 panels, another problem is that the stitches tend to disappear in the place where it is en la bastilla. La bastilla is located in the front throughout the center of the cap. It is recommendable to place an important back of support stitches in those places where parts of the design will be placed.(See ex. 8 a/b).
The Support stitches are quite important in designs embroidered in caps. Place the angle of the support stitches in the opposite sense to the borders of the fabric.

After the back stitches to stabilize the bastilla, this part of the design is cover support and relleno stitches.

In this example the puncher uses zigzag stitches to cover the area in which the bastilla is

Example 8 A


Example 8 B

Do not exagerate on the size of the small letters. We recommend a minimum of 8 mm of height.
There are situations in which it is better to fill the back with fill stitches and then
embroider the letters on top of that. We recommend to make the refill in the same colour of the cap. ( See. Ex 9)

The punching and embroidery of cap designs can be a great challenge.
Try it and donґt lose hope.

Back made in fill type stitches. The back colour is the same colour of the cap.

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