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Embird Suite
Modular software for computerized embroidery

Embird 2008
basic program

Studio = Digitizing + Sfumato

Font Engine

Cross Stitch


Studio 5.0
Sfumato Stitch + Digitizing Tools

Studio is an optional plug-in program for Embird. It must be downloaded as a separate file and installed (not just copied) into Embird. Embird 2008 is required for Studio trial and/or purchase.
Upgrade from previous versions is free of charge.

What's New in version 5.0

  • Integrated lettering system 
  • Trace Tool (auto-digitizing)
  • Integrated Sew Simulator
  • Envelope Tool
  • "Flat" Display Mode (tab at bottom part of the screen)
  • Multiple Motifs in a Single Fill
  • New shortcuts F2 - F12 for activation of object creation tools (Fill, Column ...) instead for clicking on the tool bar.
    New shortcuts Alt+F1 - Alt+F4 for activation of Transform, Edit, Zoom and Pan tools instead of clicking on the tool bar.
  • Buttons 'Select Previous' and 'Select Next' in Parameters window to select another object(s) from inspector window without need to close the Parameters window
  • ''Arrange Outline Parts" function modified to have less restriction: 1. parts may connect at any place (not just ending nodes, so there is no need to split outline to small parts), 2. parts may intersect each other, 3. if parts are too far one from the other, program automatically inserts connection
  • Function to launch scanning software (main menu > Image > Acquire (Scan)...)
  • Enhanced shaping (union, insersection, difference) functions
  • Enhanced stitching algorithms of auto-column and Font Engine
  • New Motif and Outline samples (thanks Francesca)
  • New Column stitch sample (random stitch points in wide parts of column) for wide columns with satin look
  • New 'Snap to Object Edges' option to snap edited nodes to edges of other objects.
  • 'Save Selected As' function to save selected objects only
  • Preview in Border creation mode. Preview is displayed directly on the work area.
  • Enhanced stitches layout of freehand objects
  • Enhancement to stitching italic fonts with autocolumn (also in Font Engine) 
  • Fix to SHIFT+arrow keys and ALT+arrow keys functionality
  • Fix to sliding out the second column node from first column node
  • Fix to opening older .EPT (pattern) files
  • Fix to scaling of very small objects
  • Fix to scrolling of background image
  • Fix to saving Reference Width and Height with user-defined borders
  • Fix to displaying of connection parameters instead of outline parameters when splitting applique into layers
  • Fix to issue with 'Sort Colors' function when sorting grouped objects.
  • Fix to rotation of large images
  • Fix to editing of saved files with user-defined outline samples
  • Fix to motif fills
  • Fix to underlay stitches of 'closed figure' column. Center and edge underlay of such column now also forms a 'closed figure'.

Sfumato Stitch  
allows easy and fast creation of multicolored portraits and other designs from photos. 

User imports photo into the background of the working area and then draws Sfumato objects on top of the photo. Just like other objects in the Studio, Sfumato objects have vector boundaries that are automatically filled with stitches. Each Sfumato object can have 1-5 shades of its 'basic color'. Sfumato objects can have openings and carvings, just like the fill objects in the Studio. Objects are filled with stitches so that thread forms looser or heavier meanders to create shading effects while fabric shows through stitches.

New Sfumato is integrated into Studio (no separate download needed). Because of its vector-based approach, it is supposed to enable user to create Sfumato portraits and designs several times faster than with the previous version.


Digitizing Tools
allow user to digitize embroidery designs up to 60 x 60 centimeters (23.6 x 23.6") large with  up to 250 000 stitches. Design is digitized so that user creates outline (vector) objects either on a blank background or on an image (template). When finished, design is compiled into stitches and put into Embird Editor for final adjustment and save in desired embroidery format. 


Designs are created in a vector form using lines and curves. Picture can be imported as a template into background of working area. To store designs, Studio uses its own file format with all objects, parameters, stitches and background image stored in a single file (*.eof). There is a 'compact' version of .eof format available for saving designs for transfer via internet.


Objects such as Fill, Sfumato*, Carving, Column, Column with pattern, Outline, Connection, Appliquй and Manual Stitches are available. Fill and Sfumato objects can have openings. Objects can be moved, rotated, skewed  and scaled without loss of quality.

* Sfumato 4.0 is an optional part of Studio. It must be purchased separately.


To make digitized objects and stitches more visible on the background, user can adjust brightness, contrast, gamma correction, colors balance and saturation of the background image. There are also tools for rotation, cropping and resizing of the background image.


Object Inspector window is available for fast and easy management of objects. User can change the color of object or its order by simple drag-and-drop operation. Objects can be grouped to make manipulations easier.


Each object has adjustable creative and technical parameters such as stitch density, random broadening, fill pattern, color, type of underlay, etc., to allow user create special effects and adjust design for sewing on a particular fabric.


Studio includes many predefined fill patterns, envelopes, borders, fill motifs and outline samples.  User can create her/his own fill patterns, outline samples, border samples and fill motifs.


Digitizing Tools create not only cover stitches for each object, but also various types of underlay: center walk, edge walk, and zig-zag underlay to stabilize embroidered objects.


Digitizing Tools perform many editing operations automatically. Connection paths are rearranged when user moves objects, sharp corners of columns are automatically split or folded when converted to stitches, fill overlays are adjusted according to size of object.


Freehand tool allows to create realistic fur or shading effects as well as sketch drawings with mouse or digitizing tablet within a few minutes. It works like a painting tool. Result, however, is an embroidery design that can include various embroidery styles like fills, columns, sfumato objects, carvings and outlines as well as some new stitch styles like pressure-sensitive columns.



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