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The art of digitize small lettering_
The art of digitize small lettering One of the most used application in the embroidery industry is the monograms.  They are used and seen mostly everywhere, caps, T- shirts, jackets, socks, shoes ... The number of new punchers grows on a daily basis. Without the experience required to create letters, we are not surprise that one of the biggest misteries is the creation of the small letters. Where is really the ilusion of embroidery and what is possible to embroider? Considering that the embroidery depends on the result of the combination of thread, needle, the fast movement of the frame, elasticity, structure and kind of the fabric, the condition of the machine... too many factors influence the result of your design. It is n
Amazing Designs - Alphabets_
Amazing Designs - Alphabets   AD1083 Amazing Designs Crayon Alphabet Collection I         AD1094 Amazing Designs Daisy Alphabet Collection I         AD1137 Amazing Designs Greek Alphabet Collection I         AD1174 Amazing Designs Easter Egg Alphabet Collection        
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Embroidery Techniques for Caps:_
Embroidery Techniques for Caps: It must have happened to you at least once that the matrix that works perfectly right to embroider on a shirt, it doesn't work when you want to embroider the same design on a cap. You should wonder how it is possible when today there are very advanced software and high technology. The punching and embroidering seem to be a great mystery. We will try to help you out to improve the results. Movements of the frame: When you embroider caps using a frame there are several factors to take on account. Example #1 shows a front sample of a fabric held in a flat drum, ready to be embroidered. In this case the needle punch the fabric in a 90 degree angle. The frame makes a straight and precise movement and the
Amazing Designs - Children_
Amazing Designs - Children     AD1078 Amazing Designs Doll Faces Collection I         AD1098 Amazing Designs Baby Bibs Collection I         AD1139 Amazing Designs Summer Fun Collection I         AD1181 Amazing Designs Girl Power Collection I        
Amazing Designs -- MISC_
Amazing Designs -- MISC.   AD1400 Amazing Designs Everyday Fruit Collection I AD1401 Amazing Designs Holland Collection I                         AD1402 Amazing Designs Monkey Love Collection I AD1403 Amazing Designs Heirloom Accent Collection II                 &nbs
Brother embroidery cards Many Brother cards will also work with BabyLock, Simplicity, and Bernina Deco machines. Check each card for specifics relating to sewing field size.   Brother embroidery cards can work in the following makes & models Baby Lock:  EM-1, EM-2, EAC-ACCENT,E60, ESi-1, ESi-2, ESE, ESE2, ESL, INT, ESG, ESG2, ESG3 Bernina:  Deco 500, 600 and 650 Brother:  PE100, PE150, PE170D, PE180D, PE200, PE300, PE400D, NV500D, PC6500,                   PC7000, PC7500
Amazing Designs - Nautical Designs_
Amazing Designs - Nautical Designs   AD1125 Amazing Designs Tropical Fish Collection I         AD1126 Amazing Designs Sailboats Collection I         AD1127 Amazing Designs Light Houses Collection I  
Font Engine 5.0_
Embird Suite Modular software for computerized embroidery Embird 2008 basic program Studio = Digitizing + Sfumato Font Engine Cross Stitch Iconizer Font Engine 5.0 Plug-in for Embird Embird Font Engine is a tool for conversion of text made with TrueType or OpenType font into an embroidery design. There are many adjustable lettering parameters such as size, density, fill and outline modes as well as characters layout and deformations in Font Engine. When finished, lettering is compiled into stitches and put into Embird Editor for final adjustment and save in desired emb
Amazing Designs - Cultural_
Amazing Designs - Cultural  AD1018 Amazing Designs Oriental Collection I   AD1022 Amazing Designs Religious Collection I  AD1036 Amazing Designs Celestial Collection I  AD1095 Amazing Designs Asian Home Decor Collection I  AD1159 Amazing Designs Primitive Cave Drawings Collection I  AD1208 Amazing Designs African Art Collection III   AD1275 Amazing Designs Far East Collection I
Amazing Designs - Floral & Plants_
Amazing Designs - Floral & Plants    AD1065 Amazing Designs Trees Collection I      AD1113 Amazing Designs Heirloom Floral Collection I      AD1120 Amazing Designs Vegetable Squares Collection I      AD1144 Amazing Designs Exotic Flowers Collection I      AD1147 Amazing Designs Floral Medallion Collection I    
Catalog Xpress version 2.0_
In this page we will show you the best Software available for Machine Embroidery: Catalog Xpress version 2.0 Catalog Xpress Catalog Xpress 2.0 can: Download, Organize, Colorize, Convert, Re-size, Sort & View your embroidery designs. Features Looking for an elusive embroidery design, one you know is in your collection, but you can't find, or even remember its name? Catalog Xpress may be just the program you need. Use Catalog Xpress categories, or create your own, then drag and drop embroidery designs into them as you download, or use our new “Direct Download” feature to download directly from the Internet into your choice of Catalog X
Amazing Designs - Lace & Borders_
Amazing Designs - Lace & Borders  AD1107 Amazing Designs Lace Collection I            AD1118 Amazing Designs Buttonhole Embellishment Collection I            AD1192 Amazing Designs Tapestry Designs Collection            AD1200 Amazing Designs Elegant Borders I        
Embird Suite 2008_
In this page we will show you the best Software available for Machine Embroidery: Embird Suite 2008 Embird Suite Modular software for computerized embroidery Embird 2008 basic program Studio = Digitizing + Sfumato Font Engine Cross Stitch Iconizer Basic Embird program resizes, splits, edits, displays, prints and converts embroidery designs. It works in two modes: Embird Manager and Embird Editor. There are several optional plug-in programs and alphabets available for Embird, expanding its capabilities with digitizing, lettering, cross stitch designs, conversion of True
Amazing Designs - Animals_
Amazing Designs - Animals   AD1005 Amazing Designs Cats Collection I AD1006 Amazing Designs Wildlife Collection I AD1010 Amazing Designs Dogs Collection I AD1035 Amazing Designs Horse & Equipment Collection I AD1038 Amazing Designs Zoo Animals Collection I AD1060 Amazing Designs Dogs Collection II AD1119 Amazing Designs Frogs Collection I AD1143 Amazing Designs Northwest Wildlife Collection I AD1264 Amazing Designs Reptiles II AD1270 Amazing Designs Precious Pets Collection II
Amazing Designs - Sports Designs_
Amazing Designs - Sports Designs   AD1008 Amazing Designs Golf Collection I         AD1051 Amazing Designs Fishing & Hunting Collection I         AD1056 Amazing Designs Mini Mascot Collection I         AD1128 Amazing Designs Fly Fishing Collection I        
Amazing Designs - Transportation_
Amazing Designs - Transportation   AD1053 Amazing Designs Tractor Collection I         AD1059 Amazing Designs Heavy Equipment Collection I         AD1294 Amazing Designs Trains Collection I         AD2012 Amazing Designs Hot Air Balloon Collection I        
Amazing Designs - Large Designs_
Amazing Designs - Large Designs    AD5000 Amazing Designs Jumbo Horses Collection II  AD5001 Amazing Designs Jumbo Wild Bird Scenes I  AD5003 Amazing Designs Jumbo Flowers1  AD5004 Amazing Designs Jumbo Fish I  AD5005 Amazing Designs  Jumbo Butterflies  AD5006 Amazing Designs Jumbo Garden Collection I  AD5007 Amazing Designs Jumbo Snowmen Collection I AD5008 Amazing Designs Jumbo Aquatic Animals Collection I
3-D Embroidery_
3-D Embroidery You surely have already seen some embroidery with 3-D aspect. It can be often seen in sport caps, sweat shirts, jackets, bags and emblems. This type of embroidering catched on about 5 years ago. Foam slices are placed at the back of the parts that are wanted to be embroidered with 3-D aspect. ( see ex.1) Ex.1 The foam is covered with type cord stitches. The stitches remain raised by the material foam (see ex. 2) Ex. 2 It is necessary to take some particular aspects in consideration in order to decide which designs are convenient for this type of embroidering. Which are the advantages of 3-D embroidering? The designs made using foam have a more attractive and fresh new look. With this production tool you will
Amazing Designs - Birds_
Amazing Designs - Birds    AD1295 Amazing Designs Birds Collection III  AD1326 Amazing Designs Tropical Birds Collection I  AD1342 Amazing Designs Wild Duck Collection I  
Brother embroidery cards   Amazing Designs AD Design Collections
Amazing Designs - Western Designs_
Amazing Designs - Western Designs   AD1007 Amazing Designs Western Collection I  
Studio 5.0_
Embird Suite Modular software for computerized embroidery Embird 2008 basic program Studio = Digitizing + Sfumato Font Engine Cross Stitch Iconizer Studio 5.0 Sfumato Stitch + Digitizing Tools Studio is an optional plug-in program for Embird. It must be downloaded as a separate file and installed (not just copied) into Embird. Embird 2008 is required for Studio trial and/or purchase. Upgrade from previous versions is free of charge. What's New in version 5.0 Integrated lettering system  Trace Tool (
Collections_Disc Packs_
Amazing Designs AD Design Collections   Amazing Designs AD Novelty Fashion Amazing Designs AD Birds Amazing Designs AD Large Designs Amazing Designs AD MISC. Amazing Designs AD Occupational Amazing Designs AD Alphabets Amazing Designs AD Home Fashion Amazing Designs AD Animals Amazing Designs AD Children Amazing Designs AD Cultural Amazing Designs AD Floral & Plants Amazing Designs AD Lace & Borders Amazing Designs AD Nautical Designs Amazing Designs AD Seasonal Design Packs Amazing Designs AD Sports Designs Amazing Designs AD Transportation Amazing Designs AD Western Designs  
Alphabet Plug-Ins_
Alphabet Plug-Ins Alphabets are optional plug-in modules for Embird software. Each alphabet has to be purchased separately. To browse an Alphabet, click the following Alphabets:                             *** NEW NEW NEW ***            Basic features Characters scalable in large scale (4,5 mm - 8 cm for "a") Various underlays (center walk, edge walk, zig-zag) Automatic and manual kerning of characters Various types of letters connections (nearest point, floating stitch) Automatic tie-ups before and after floating stitche
Brother -- Disney Memory Cards_
Brother -- Disney Memory Cards! Brother Disney Cards ONLY work with Brother Disney embroidery machines (such as: PE170D, PE180D, PE400D, INV500D, PC8500D, or ULT2002D/2003D) Note: the Taste of Disney card (SA306D) will work in all Brother home embroidery machines except the PE200SP. Disney cards CANNOT be read into any reader/writer box system!   SA301D - Disney Classics Embroidery Card by Brother         SA302D - That's Donald! Disney Embroidery Card by Brother        
Amazing Designs - Home Fashion_
Amazing Designs - Home Fashion   AD1067 Amazing Designs Sewing Motif Collection I      AD1104 Amazing Designs Home Sweet Home Collection I      AD1129 Amazing Designs Wrought Iron Collection I      AD1133 Amazing Designs Picket Fences Collection I      AD1136 Amazing Designs Old Fashioned Tubs and Vanities Collection I      AD1138
Iconizer 5.0_
Embird Suite Modular software for computerized embroidery Embird 2008 basic program Studio = Digitizing + Sfumato Font Engine Cross Stitch Iconizer Iconizer 5.0 Plug-in for Embird Iconizer works together with Microsoft® Windows® Explorer, the application which is present in every installation of Windows 95 and above and with other Windows programs. The principle of Iconizer plug-in is simple: normally, when you run Explorer and you are not using the Iconizer plug-in, each design file is represented by an universal "type" icon. Registe
Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, & Simplicity Embroidery Cards_
  Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, & Simplicity Embroidery Cards      Brother embroidery cards can work in the following makes & models: Baby Lock:  EM-1, EM-2, EAC-ACCENT,E60, ESi-1, ESi-2, ESE, ESE2, ESL, INT, ESG, ESG2, ESG3 Bernina:  Deco 500, 600 and 650 Brother:  PE100, PE150, PE170D, PE180D, PE200, PE300, PE400D, NV500D, PC6500,                   PC7000, PC7500, PC8200, PC8500, PC8500D, ULT2002D, ULT2001, ULT2003D Simplicity:  SE, SE2,SE3
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Amazing Designs - Novelty Fashion_
Amazing Designs - Novelty Fashion   AD1177 Amazing Designs Special Relative Collection I         AD1203 Amazing Designs Men's Hobbies III         AD1204 Amazing Designs Girl Power II         AD1296 Amazing Designs North Wood Whimsey Collection I         A
Embird 2008, Build 8.2_
Embird Suite Modular software for computerized embroidery DOWNLOAD Embird 2008, Build 8.2 including Iconizer, Cross Stitch and Font Engine. Follow these steps to install Embird 2008: 1.Download the installation files for Embird 2008. 2.Install Embird 2008 by running its installation file via "Start -> Run" menu. Note for registered users: There is no difference between downloading demo and upgrade. Unregistered user is able to use Embird demo only for 30 days and after these period the program expires. Registered user has not any limitation. File for downloading is the same, there is no special smart update available. Digitizing plug-in for Embird 2008: Studio 5
Amazing Designs - Seasonal Design Packs_
Designs - Seasonal Design Packs Amazing   AD1003 Amazing Designs Christmas Collection I         AD1043 Amazing Designs Halloween Collection I         AD1064 Amazing Designs Christmas Puffy Foam Collection I         AD1068 Amazing Designs Nativity Collection I        
Cross Stitch 5.0_
Embird Suite Modular software for computerized embroidery Embird 2008 basic program Studio = Digitizing + Sfumato Font Engine Cross Stitch Iconizer Cross Stitch 5.0 Plug-in for Embird Embird Cross Stitch allows user to digitize cross stitch designs with up to 400 x 400 crosses. Number of colors is limited to 254. Cross Stitch plug-in is installed together with Embird, no additional download or installation needed. However, you will have to purchase and register Cross Stitch separatelly from main Embird program, otherwise there is a sti
CrossStitch XPress_
CrossStitch XPress In this page we will show you the best Software available for Machine Embroidery: CrossStitch XPress This program is so fast and easy-to-use that there is no stopping your next cross stitching project. You don't need to learn a lot of technical details. With a few clicks of the mouse you're finish the cross stitch pattern and it's ready to sew. CrossStitch XPress exceeds all cross stitching speed limits This software was built for people who want to quickly sew their cross stitching designs, without the need to learn and remember complex software technology. With Cross Stitch XPress you simply need to: Automatically convert your image Manually edit for touch ups Select
Amazing Designs - Occupational_
Amazing Designs - Occupational   AD1050 Amazing Designs Fire & Rescue Collection I     AD1108 Amazing Designs Hand Tools Collection I     AD1109 Amazing Designs Medical Collection I     AD1112 Amazing Designs Teaching Collection I     AD1233 Amazing Designs Police & Fire I     AD2017 Amazing Designs School House Collec
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