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Embird Suite
Modular software for computerized embroidery

Embird 2008
basic program

Studio = Digitizing + Sfumato

Font Engine

Cross Stitch


Cross Stitch 5.0
Plug-in for Embird

Embird Cross Stitch allows user to digitize cross stitch designs with up to 400 x 400 crosses. Number of colors is limited to 254. Cross Stitch plug-in is installed together with Embird, no additional download or installation needed. However, you will have to purchase and register Cross Stitch separatelly from main Embird program, otherwise there is a stitch limit for every design you create. After purchase and insertion of registration password, evaluation version turns into full version. Use "Editor -> Insert -> Cross Stitch Design" command to access Cross Stitch.

What's New in version 5.0

  • New command "Acquire (Scan)" added to "Image" menu, allowing to scan image for background.
  • New command "Acquire (Scan)" added to "Chart" menu, allowing to scan chart for background.
  • New option "Divide outline/back stitch line" allows to prescribe whether the outline or back stitch line will be divided along the cross stitch grid, or not. If OFF, the back stitch line or outline is not divided - use it for animal whiskers, etc.




There are two ways of creating designs in the Cross Stitch software:

  1. Design is created manually by drawing dots (crosses) either on a blank background or on an image (template, scanned chart).
  2. Design is created automatically (autodigitizing) from imported background image.

In both cases, program automatically generates stitches in crosses and arranges them to optimize the sewing process. It is possible to import the scanned chart (hand graph) and calibrate it properly to fit the background of work area, then manually draw the dots (crosses) using the chart in the background and finally compile the design into stitches.


Many editing tools are available for creation and adjustment of designs: marquee, lasso, magic wand, zoom lens, eye dropper, smooth, pencil, brush, air-brush, text, line, simple curve, rectangle, round rectangle, ellipse, star, regular polygon, fill area, clear area, etc. The pre-defined fill patterns are available, and user can even create his/her own fill patterns. There are also some special functions like 'Clear isolated points' or ' thin lines' and 'Smooth' parts by adding quarter crosses to corners, which allow user to clear and optimize the cross stitch design. The order in which the colors are sewn can be prescribed.




Add text to your designs with use of any TrueType(tm) or OpenType(tm) font intalled on your PC. Choose font, color and size and create lettering in a few seconds. Crosses are automatically generated inside of characters. By choosing another command from menu it is possible to easily add the outlines around all characters.


All popular cross types are supported: 

  • normal crosses
  • mini-crosses
  • elongated horizontal crosses
  • elongated vertical crosses
  • upright crosses
  • double crosses
  • French knots
  • manual and automatic outlines

Use full, 3/4, half or quarter crosses to create your design. Also, thin running-stitch outline can be added around the design manually or automatically. Controls like 'number of thread layers', 'size' of crosses and 'number of tie-up stitches' are available to give you full control over the design. 


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